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poleywhirl performing Secretary Spin for the homepage header

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Difficulty: Need help with levels?
• If you're not yet holding your entire bodyweight on the pole, you'll be most interested in INTRO moves.
• If you're not yet inverting solidly, Beginner is the best place for you.
• If you have a solid invert but still struggle with Ayesha, you'll find great inspo in Intermediate .
• If you've got your Ayesha but are still working on moves like Phoenix and Iron-X, Advanced is for you.
• If you're doing the hardest of hard pole moves, you're Extreme and we all look up to you.


PSO Level: For more info on Pole Sport Organization's levels, visit their guide at https://polesportorg.com/pages/rules. Broadly, here are the level breakdowns:
L1 - Hips can never go below your head (no inverts)
L2 - Inverted moves OK, but aerial inverts not allowed. 2 point-of-contact moves (e.g. ayesha, cocoon) not allowed
L3 - Aerial inverts OK, but 2 point-of-contact moves still not allowed
L4 - 2 point-of-contact moves OK, but no flips with torso rotation (e.g. fonji/half-fonji)
L5 - No moves are out of the question unless they violate the overall performance rules

Note: these level designations are not certified by PSO. Reach out to PSO directly for legality of specific moves.